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Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 13
A Message from Executive Director Valerie Norwood

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Twelve Days of Christmas

We hope the Krista Colleague blogs have helped you celebrate The Twelve Days of Christmas and keep the holidays in perspective. Thank you for journeying along with us.

It seems very fitting that we close The Twelve Days of Christmas drawing upon the metaphor of mud as Sarah Jackson did in her reflection. For all the potential and actual beauty of Christmas and its intersection with service and faith, the season can be a muddy and messy affair.

Twelve Days of Christmas

Mud reminds me that the Christmas story, and the attempt to live and articulate a life of faith, can be very messy - beautifully messy. I am grateful for the stories that offer their perspectives of faith and hope as well as the stories that remind us to embrace broken and struggling aspects of our communities.

Instead of an emphasis on one day of packages and sparkling décor, keeping the Twelve Days of Christmas gifts us with the wonderful opportunity to wade deep into the muddy world, a part of the dirt from which we come and into which we are sent.

Joe TobiasonKendall Paine

Thank you to the Krista Colleagues who so generously offered their stories and perspectives! Thank you to the many who joined us as readers and for those who shared your own insights and thoughts on the Christmas journey. Together we can strengthen our capacity to engage variety of voices and perspectives within and beyond the breadth of Christian tradition, nurturing a life-long ethic of service, civic engagement and global understanding.

Jonathan Koc, Valerie Norwood, Stacy Kitahata

A service year, when nurtured, becomes a life of service leadership.

Valerie Norwood, Executive Director

on behalf of the ServeWell Blog team - Kendall Paine, Joe Tobiason and staff Stacy Kitahata and Jonathan Koc.



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