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I am an Assistant Supervisor with the Tacoma Metro Parks crew of the Washington Conservation Corps. Our crew focuses on establishing and maintaining native, sustainable habitats within the Tacoma parks. Native planting and invasive species removal (strategic weeding).

How Travis Used Our Grant

As Assistant Supervisor for Washington Conservation Corps in Tacoma, Travis Walker (‘09) focused on habitat restoration, invasive species removal, and ethnobotanical studies. His service year confirmed a sense of call to conservation. "Seeing the destructive ways modern culture diminishes natural resources and disregards humanity's dependence on the ecosystem...sparks my desire to be an agent for the restoration of our natural world." In July, he joined the staff at Whitworth University's new Costa Rica Center. While coordinating trips and homestays, he takes leadership in holistic ecology and sustainability projects. In October, Travis used KF Grant funds to participate in a conference at the Punta Mona Center for Sustainable Living and Education that will "help me apply my passion and skills in my unique Costa Rican context." Whether learning local herbs for first aid or adapting local plants for food, Travis leverages his skills and insights to offer visitors a tangible experience of sustainable living practices they can implement back home. At the end of his two-year term, Travis plans to pursue a master's in Ecology or Agriculture.

Learn more about Whitworth's Costa Rica Center.


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