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Jeremiah Sataraka

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At the Northwest Leaderhip Foundation in Tacoma, I work with the Act Six Leadership and Scholarship Initiative as the Program Assistant. My role varies depending on the season of the year, but I recruit young, emerging urban high school seniors around the Tacoma-Seattle area. I provide administrative support especially durring the 3 month long application process in the fall. Each week over a 7 month period, I participate (and help lead) college prep and leadership trianing sessions with the scholarship recipients.

How Jeremiah Used Our Grant

"As a person who reflects both the Asian and Pacific Islander (API) life experiences have been shaped, in a significant amount, by these racial identities," says Jeremiah Sataraka ('10), now serving with AmeriCorps at Northwest Leadership Foundation. A Whitworth University graduate, Jeremiah empowers urban high school students to prepare for and attend college. As a recent CAPAA (Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs) Legislative Intern in Olympia, he has developed a vision: "to see Asian Pacific Americans, especially Pacific Americans, take a more active role in...government. I desire to see a Samoan American from Washington State become our state's U.S. Senator, or a Tacoma Tongan become our city's mayor."

Last month, Jeremiah used his KF Grant to participate in a national conference on API community development. "Being in our nation's capitol, attending a session with several U.S. Senators...inspired me to continue the work in Tacoma, in Washington, our nation and world." Hearing the national challenges facing the API community strengthened Jeremiah's resolve "to position myself in a way that utilizes my gifts and passions to address the world's needs...there needs to be a lot of praying, training, mentoring and development. Through the KF grant, I am able to be in a better position."


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