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Sarah Fry

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As a K-12 Environmental Outreach Specialist, Sarah Fry (2010) spends her days traversing the forests, streams, and schools around Walla Walla, Washington. Stationed at the Community College's Water & Environmental Center through AmeriCorps, Sarah keeps busy-facilitating service learning projects for middle schoolers, planning field trips for 1100 regional students, or caring for Northwest Chinook Salmon in an on-site educational aquarium. Out of a difficult period of questioning, Sarah intentionally chose environmental service with tangible results. "I had come to the poignant understanding...that any hint of redemption and change and good that happens in the world by human initiation begins with education."

Recognizing becoming educated about one's story is essential to navigating intercultural conflict, Sarah will use her $1000 Grant to connect her Christian faith with her Jewish roots. She will join a delegation to Israel and Palestine through Interfaith Peace-Builders, visiting groups that help foster peace-oriented thinking, behavior, and relationships, while staying with homestays in both Israel and the West Bank. Sarah writes, "Because of the Jewish Diaspora's strong identification with an Israeli State, I believe it crucial to seek an understanding of both this identity and the situational conflict...and bring back to my local community lessons learned and questions raised."

Sarah's Service Bio

I serve with Americorps at the Walla Walla Community College water and environmental center. I have spent my service year developing and implementing programs and curricula that focus on K-12 Environmental Education and literacy.


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