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Meet the 2011 Colleagues!

The Krista Foundation | Colleague Press, Developing Nations, Environmental Projects, Urban America, Global Citizenship, Preparing To Serve

At the Krista Foundation Annual Conference, 17 new Krista Colleagues were commissioned. They are entering or currently engaged in volunteer or vocational service in urban America, developing nations, or environmental projects. 

Take a minute to let them introduce themselves!

Watch the video:


or CLICK HERE to glance at their web profiles:


Current comments.

  1. Kathy Collins said:

    What a group! Congratulations!

  2. Mardelle Shagool said:

    I loved meeting the new Krista Colleagues as I was unable to go to Camp Spalding this year. The video really helps me to focus on them. Thank you so much. Terrific job on the website!

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