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Nathan served in The Gambia teaching computer classes, and helping teach at the local agricultural school. "While in the Peace Corps," he describes, "I was constantly studying, observing, and contemplating the relationship between people and their environment, and the factors that often drive us to damage our environment." He used his KF service and leadership grant for field work in Costa Rica, during which he continued to examine the relationship between people and environment. The experience, designed to prepare him for Masters' level work, "reinforced my feelings that environmental projection must have a strong grass-roots component; and that when westerners work abroad we should focus on equipping and empowering local people."

This idea and passion persists today; Nathan continues graduate studies in Biology at the University of Pittsburgh, and will travel to the Dominican Republic next year to further his education with projects that unite social and environmental goals. Nathan and his collaborator will work with local NGOs, hire local workers to do the field work, do education on endangered species, and work with Dominican Universities to strengthen biological research.

Long-term, Nathan would like to continue international work. He and his fiancé (who shares his passion) are "especially interested in starting a biological field station where Western students can come to study ecology, and local students can learn the ecological theory and field skills they need to understand and protect their own environment."


Nathan's Service Bio

My principal work was to teach junior staff basic computer skills.  I had a secondary assignment to teach computing and forestry at the College of Agriculture.  I also assisted researchers with carrying out their projects, writing grants, and supervising the office and field work.


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