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Jake McCoy

How Jake Is Developing Leadership

Jake McCoy originally became a Krista Colleague through his service with the Westminster House in Spokane. But two years later, after getting married, he and his wife Erin decided to serve—together this time—in the Peace Corps. Having both attended a Krista Foundation conference, they felt the discussions with returned Peace Corps volunteers, "cemented our desire" to serve together internationally.

Early on in their Peace Corps in Ecuador, the two took part in a three day training, which left Jake disappointed. "I was shocked volunteers were only given one hour over three full days to discuss their cultural adjustment struggles and successes with one another." Knowing the value of such discussion from his previous Krista Colleague retreats, Jake volunteered to lead a session at the mid-term training retreat. In this heartfelt discussion, volunteers shared openly about the pressures and challenges of transition, and the healthy and unhealthy ways they were coping with life in Ecuador. "For most of us," says Jake, "this was the highlight of those days—being able to share and hear others' experiences and realize we were not alone in our feelings of confusion or discouragement." Amidst the Peace Corps focus on competency and ‘deliverables', Jake took leadership to address emotional competency and coping strategies that will make for a more positive volunteer experience, increased retention, and will help his peers care better for themselves, and the Ecuadorians they serve.

Jake's Service Bio

I lived in intentional community; assisted with worship and projects at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Spokane, WA.  I befriended neighbors, tutored grade-school students; played Ultimate Frisbee.


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Colleague Info

Westminster House
Pacific Northwest
Spokane, WA

Urban America