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Next to Gunung Palung National Park in Indonesia, Krista Collegue Calista Yates' 2004 work continues in the people she trained. Not far from this rainforest, one of the last places where orangutans still live, a man named Wilfirimus received core nursing training six years ago from Krista Colleague Calista Yates, who was serving and teaching at Bethesda Hospital. "Wil," now serves as Head Nurse at an innovative organization called Health in Harmony, and works daily providing healing for people and environmental education. Calista has kept in touch with her former students, and is impressed by their leadership and achievements. She writes that Health in Harmony is a "great organization dedicated to providing healthcare and restoring and protecting the environment."

Located on the edge of the environmentally precious National Park, Health in Harmony blends community healthcare with care for sustaining the earth. In addition to operating a health clinic that trains local doctors and nurses, the organization allows patients or family members to pay for services by working in "ecologically-friendly and conservation-promoting work in the Gunung Palung National Park." In this way, local people access healthcare for themselves, while contributing to the conservation of their rainforest, preserving endangered species and providing oxygen for all.

Calista finds great satisfaction in her students' accomplishments: "It's exciting and fun to think that young people I helped trained are serving!" Currently based in Seattle, she will soon graduate with a Masters in Nursing with a specialization in midwifery. This fall Calista hopes to return to Indonesia to work again at Bethesda Hospital, training another generation of innovative nurses like Wilfirimus.

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I served as a staff and resource nurse at a small rural jungle hospital in Indonesia. I also worked and taught Indonesian nursing students both in the classroom and at the hospital. In addition I helped to provide care for the many missionaries living in our province.


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