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Kevin Meirose

How Kevin Is Impacting Communities

When Kevin Meirose takes on a challenge, nothing holds him back. He set his vocational sights toward rebuilding marginalized communities. "My cultural sensitivity resulted not just from working with various minorities and marginalized people, but also from being deaf my entire life. I know what it's like to have my needs ignored by others and will do absolutely everything necessary to make sure that communities, on the whole, don't alienate any of their users."

One of Kevin's toughest challenges came while attempting to run a viable garden business with developmentally disabled adults through L'Arche Tahoma Hope. "There were times...when I felt disabled not just on the outside with my hearing loss, but interiorly in those places where it was difficult to be patient, loving, or understanding." His co-workers' disabilities hampered Kevin's attempts to apply his Civil Engineering degree to increase productivity and efficiency. As he stopped trying to change them, his heart and attitude were transformed. "I recognized God calling me not to do things for them but to be with humanity became inextricably bound in theirs and theirs in mine."

The L'Arche experience ignited Kevin's desire to make community truly accessible for all. With a Master's degree from the University of Washington's Evans School of Public Affairs, Kevin works for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, securing grants for community development and affordable housing for Native American tribes in the Northwest. Kevin met with Native Americans with disabilities to ensure their housing facilities meet their needs, making sure no community member is alienated, but all can access community life. (written in late 2007)

Kevin's Service Bio

I provided for the daily living needs of people with developmental disabilities that live in a Christian community of several homes, a farm, and a crafts workshop. In the two years as part of this community, I also lived as a Jesuit Volunteer, worked on the farm and gardens, and managed one of the group homes.


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Jesuit Volunteer Corps
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