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Megan Hurley

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Krista Colleague Megan Hurley, A Gonzaga University honors graduate, worked with homeless persons with acute medical needs in Portland, Oregon who need assistance after hospitalization through a new Recuperation Care Program. "Can you imagine living on the streets right after being discharged from a hospital?" she lamented. Using her grant, she attended a national conference in Washington, D.C. with an innovative approach called "Housing First." She discovered that Portland was a pilot city for this creative approach which linked her with other concerned social service leaders.

When she began her service, the Recuperation Care Program had five respite beds and a contract with one hospital. By the end of her year, they now have 26 respite beds, and five hospital systems, two additional case managers, and a Housing Specialist. "I never would have guessed that flying to D.C. for this conference would help put so many beautiful little pieces in place, or that a small program could grow this big. It makes change seem possible. I've seen that it is... once it's believed in."

Megan's Service Bio

In my JVC assignment I worked for City Central Concern as a case manager providing health and recovery services and coordinating a recuperation plan that involved the local hospital, shelters, and low-income housing.


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Jesuit Volunteer Corps
Pacific Northwest
Portland, OR

Urban America