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Colleague Dave Stalsbroten Explores a Life of Service Leadership

The Krista Foundation | Colleague Press

After returning to the U.S. from a year of service in Nicaragua, and many months of job hunting, Dave wondered if he had made a mistake. Many of his peers were already settled into careers and the job market was not good. He began to question if his experience volunteering as a public health worker in rural Nicaragua was transferable to the for-profit business path he now pursued.

Absolutely. Not only did Dave make a significant contribution to public health access in villages across Nicaragua, he gained perspectives and skills that, with intention and practice, are vital in today's global economy.

But it isn't easy. "I came home and discovered that the rest of the world didn't necessarily share my community's appreciation of service," Dave shared.

Through mentoring, a colleague community, transition retreats, and leadership development opportunities, the Krista Foundation equips young Christian adults like Dave to grapple with life-shaping service experiences and put to work what they have learned.

"What did you learn?" Dave was asked by his soon to be future employer.

"I learned... how to listen. I have begun to walk alongside people, helping to identify broken systems while developing creative, collaborative, culturally appropriate solutions that are permanent and empowering for everyone involved." Dave Stalsbroten is now working as a project manager developing a new software model for health systems.

He later shared, "Transitions usually mark a time of instability. The Krista Foundation provided me with a supportive community and a space for reflection - both of which helped to bring resolution to one chapter and a solid beginning to the rest."

Your investment in young leaders, like Dave, helps transform their service year from a single chapter to a life of service leadership. Thank you.

A service year, when nurtured, becomes a life of service leadership.

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