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Kendria Dickson - Service Leadership Grant Leverages Innovation

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Kendria Dickson - 2010 Krista Colleague

"My life experiences have inspired me to be a resource for my community, particularly addressing the health disparities I witnessed in urban and rural populations," writes Kendria Dickson, who once served as a middle-school academic mentor in her hometown of Tacoma. This desire led her to gain further tools through a Master's at the University of Arizona Zuckerman College of Public Health. After graduation, she utilized her $1,000 Krista Foundation grant to expand her academic training with a global perspective at a five-week health education program with AMA Peru.

"My involvement with AMA Peru further developed my passion to create, manage, and evaluate public health programs," said Kendria. While in Peru, Kendria participated in trainings by medical professionals, provided medical care to patients, and engaged the local community in health and nutrition education. "Recognizing inequalities in many of our society's social structures, I gained a passion for restoring institutions that greatly affect individuals." Now, Kendria combines her study, analytical skills, and passion for civic and community engagement, modeling service leadership as the Patient Navigator (Community Health Worker) at the Sea Mar Community Health MDC Healthcare for Homeless Clinic in Tacoma.

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