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Climate Change Evangelist
by Zachary Pullin, Communications Coordinator

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My morning rush to catch the #10 bus was familiar choreography in my daily journey to get to the Krista Foundation for Global Citizenship headquarters. It was on the bus that I was inspired to think about the 2013 Krista Foundation Conference keynote speaker, Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, professor at Texas Tech. I consider myself a nerd. Neil Degrasse Tyson is my Michael Jordan, and Carl Sagan is my Ricky Martin. So having Dr. Katharine Hayhoe be a part of our conference is welcome news!

Katharine Hayhoe is considered an emerging beacon of knowledge, grace, and moxie for her ability to engage in meaningful dialogue around climate change and her faith. She grew up surrounded by the ideals and values of Evangelical Christian missionary parents in South America. Many have been surprised at her ability to possess two unique identities. Katharine is an atmospheric scientist whom also studies climate change, is part of a Nobel Prize winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and has authored books and articles communicating the beautiful connection between faith and science. 

As the bus wove its way down 45th, we passed a sign that read, "You watch the road, we'll watch your home!" At first, I was nonplussed by the advertisement. But, I got to thinking about the idea that sometimes it's easier to just forget things and focus on what's right in front of us. Dr. Katharine Hayhoe talks a lot about the nature in which we analyze climate change - about how it's important to consider climate change in a more accessible way. More personal. More right here.

In the PBS documentary series, The Secret Life of Scientists, Katharine said, "When we think about climate change, usually the first thing we think about are the Polar Bears up in the Arctic losing their ice. But, it doesn't really matter to most of us at the personal level. So, what I study is what climate changes means to us - right here, where we live!" 

I look forward to exploring the implications of our local actions in how it effects climate change overall. Most importantly, I look forward to examining how my faith is intricately woven into the science of climate change. There is a poetic way to bridge the differences between faith and science and Katharine Hayhoe is adequately knowledgable about how to do that! 





Zachary Pullin is the Communications Coordinator at the Krista Foundation for Global Citizenship. He was a Peace Corps volunteer from 2010 to 2012 in Belize, Central America teaching organization development, and was also a literacy educator, braille tutor, creative writing teacher, and founded Belize's first LGBTQ support group. His most recent role was as the Logistics Coordinator on the 2012 Soulforce Equality Ride. Prior to that he worked as the Communications Director of the NATIVE Project and a development intern with TOMS Shoes. Zachary loves going on jogs around Green Lake, eating apples and bananas, singing apples and bananas, and baking apple pie and banana bread.