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A Note from Board President Aaron Ausland

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As someone involved with the Foundation since its inception, I have always loved to hear stories of Krista Colleagues five or ten years out. Each new story is a great reminder of how your investment in our Colleagues multiplies as the years pass and they bring their deepest gifts to some of the world's thorniest problems.

Christina Li '04 is a good example. After a service year in the Philippines and graduate studies in international development, she joined the U.S. State Department. Today designs programs that promote human rights and democratic principles in Asia.

Whether in Geneva at the International Human Rights commission or working with partners on the ground, Christina is adamant that Krista Foundation service-leadership programs equipped her to implement her work in one of the most ethnically and religiously diverse regions on the planet. Through the Krista Foundation, she was challenged to nurture "an ethos of hospitality through the way that we approach conversations, keeping our hearts open and receptive to the gifts and potential that others have to contribute."

In my new role as board president, I'm committed to developing more young leaders like Christina, whose service leadership skills bridge religious, cultural, and ideological differences.

In the fourth quarter of our fiscal year, the board, staff, and the Krista Colleague Leadership Council will put the finishing touches on a 5-year strategic plan that promises to amplify our voice in shaping the volunteer service conversation.

The timing could not be better. The movement around a national civilian volunteer service program is picking up speed, with a goal to increase the number of volunteers from 80,000 to 1 million placements a year over the next decade.

However, the discussion is focused on short-term good service intentions rather than developing critical 21st-century leadership skills. With no organizations taking the lead on the ethical and best practice implications of implementing this plan, plenty of opportunities lie ahead for the Krista Foundation.  

Your role in this initiative is critical. By renewing or increasing your previous gift so we can meet our 2014 budget goal, you'll be helping to lay the groundwork necessary for our proven programs to impact many, many more young adults.  Joining our "Circle of Investors," who pledge monthly or give $1000 or more, is an effective way to help us expand our scope.

I'm grateful that the Krista Foundation has helped mentor many thoughtful young leaders like Christina.  Thanks to your partnership, we can look forward to multiplying our impact in the years to come.  

In gratitude,

Aaron Ausland

Board President, Krista Foundation for Global Citizenship

Youth Viability and Livelihood Senior Specialist, World Vision International

 p.s. Please renew your gift by last day of our fiscal year, September 30th.