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Demetra Davis

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At the International Humanity Foundation's orphanage center, my tasks will include making sure that the basic needs of the children are met, teaching English, and helping to put in a medical clinic attached to the orphanage.

The Story:

While shadowing a Spokane physician, Demetra Davis met KF Co-Founder Linda Hunt, and learned about the Krista Foundation. Demetra, a Gonzaga University Premed graduate, says that the KF Mentoring Conference "got me prepared and mindful for my service and gave me a support network of people I can call on for help."

Now serving with the International Humanity Foundation in Nakuru, Kenya, Demetra cares for and teaches 112 orphaned and abandoned children. The teaching and learning go both ways: Demetra teaches English, and the children teach her to harvest maize; Demetra assists with basic medical care and the children learn that she has never had malaria or typhoid. Once a month, Demetra helps with famine feeds to a nomadic tribe devastated by the five-year drought. The experience is almost surreal: "no water, no houses, no electricity, and no roads, just the people and animals that live off the land." She vows to never take basic medical checkups, facilities, or even a simple medicine cabinet for granted. Demetra has "witnessed an unimaginable healthcare disparity" where she serves, yet retains hope. "After seeing the desperate need for healthcare here, I feel even more passionate about being a physician."


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International Humanity Foundation
Nakuru, Kenya

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