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Paige Hustead

How Paige Is Touching Lives

"I was a bit shell-shocked at first," said Paige Hustead ('09), who works with West Oakland residents over age 55 to find stable housing. Though Paige had volunteered in an assisted-living facility while in college, she discovered "Fifty-five is not nursing home age. Many clients are not frail." Yet, hit by the economic downturn, they come on the brink of eviction, or paying their entire Social Security check for a small apartment. Paige helps them apply for housing resources, manage money, or find treatment for mental illness or addictions. "You come to see their humanness and hear their heartbreaking stories." She has been encouraged by some clients making significant changes "in spite of the voices saying ‘you're too old' and ‘you'll never change.'" Paige recalled helping a client find stable housing after ten years of homelessness. "He says, ‘I have to pinch myself. I can wake up when I want. I get furniture. I make food for dinner.'" Paige has found gratitude from sharing in her clients' simple joys: "...even in the ability to choose and fulfill your basic needs, to provide for yourself and create the day for yourself."

Paige's Service Bio

I am a case manager at St. Mary's. I work closely with low-income senior citizens who need access to resources in the community, help in the senior drop-in center and manage our clients' case files.


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North America
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