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Lydia Imhoff

How Lydia Is Touching Lives

As an SPU senior, Lydia got inspired while volunteering for a day on a neglected greenspace in south Seattle. A year later, she found herself on the other side, coordinating SPU volunteers as a full-time EarthCorps crew member. In January 2010, Lydia was promoted to Crew Leader of a team of six full-time volunteers. "I love the field work we do at EarthCorps and am excited to teach new members all that I have learned."

Founded in 1993, EarthCorps provides a combination of hands-on projects, leadership development, and environmental education for their volunteers. Unlike many local organizations that send volunteers internationally, EarthCorps brings volunteers from around the globe to be trained and serve in the Puget Sound region and Cascade Mountains. Each June, a new group of international volunteers comes to Seattle to serve, and Lydia will be leading one of those crews.

Lydia recently reflected that her favorite experience from last summer involved making pizza with a group of female crew members from all over the world, including Morocco, Armenia, Honduras, and Ghana. "Even though we were from such different countries, it wasn't hard to find common ground to talk about. We discussed relationships and dreams, things that make us angry and things that make us laugh. It has been such a gift to be able to share with and learn from so many people from so many different places. I can't wait to see where everyone will come from next year, and I am praying that we will be able to learn from each other all that God has for us to learn."

Lydia's Service Bio

I am part of an environmental restoration crew who removes invasives like ivy or blackberry and installs native plants in parks around Seattle, creating green spaces for everyone. We also work with volunteers.


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