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Thirty young adults: Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Jewish, from the US, UK and Canada, all working on a common cause, to eradicate death from Malaria. "I am unable to walk away the same," Says Amy McNair, Krista Colleague and one of the 30 Faith Acts Fellows who just returned from spending a year in partnership with the Interfaith Youth Council and Tony Blair Foundation. Their task: to bridge religious difference and nurture a grassroots activism in faith communities toward the 2015 Millennium Development Goal of combating Malaria.

Sent out in teams of two, Amy and Rebecca, her Jewish counterpart, were based out of Chicago and generously hosted by a local Muslim organization. "...something else I have learned. I am part of a much larger movement, spanning over 70 countries; People from all walks of life dedicated to their respective beliefs, but willing to work with others to better the world. This is not some world peace pipe dream from the mouth of a ditzy beauty contestant. It is leaders of the world coming together, and grassroots activism showing the innovative next chapter in religious participation and dialogue; and I have been able to be a small part of it the last eleven months."

During the Faith Acts Fellows closing dinner celebrations in May, they shared a Skype conference call with Tony Blair. Amy reflected on her journey thus far, "Here I am, an evangelical Christian who had never even heard of interfaith work a year ago, and I now consider myself an interfaith leader, and these ideas about collaborating across religious lines have been woven into the basic fabric of who I am."

Amy is recently returned to Seattle and is now working with Washington Student Leadership, cultivating leadership on College campuses across Washington State.

Amy's Service Bio

I am one of thirty ambassadors to faith communities on behalf of the United Nations millennium development goals - particularly malaria education. I will be living in Chicago, speaking at events and trying to mobilize people to take action to make malaria history.


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