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Michael Merz

Michael's Impact

2009 Gonzaga Graduate and Krista Colleague Mike Merz has found a way to combine several passions: teaching language, speech, and coaching tennis, through a two-year service term with ACE (Alliance for Catholic Education), a program that gives college graduates the opportunity to teach in under-resourced Catholic Schools. This fall in a high school in St. Petersburg, Florida, Mike's teaching schedule will include 3 Spanish classes, a public speaking course and debate team.

Mike strives to infuse all of his tasks "with a sense of enthusiasm and a passion for learning." He also carries a strong sense of purpose, particularly about language education. Describing how fluency in a foreign language enables business transactions, travel, and understanding, Mike explains "the world gets smaller every day, and all would do well to learn a little more about it." Despite putting in long hours, Mike counts many rewards from his service, noting that "the look on a student's face when that light bulb finally clicks on inside their head is an unparalleled joy."


Michael's Service Bio

As a member of the Alliance for Catholic Education program, I will be taking masters classes at Notre Dame during the summer. Throughout the school year, I will be teaching high school Spanish to lower income students.


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Alliance for Catholic Education
North America
St. Petersburg, FL

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