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I have been placed as a women's empowerment intern at P3W (Center for Women's Development and Training) in Indonesia by the Mennonite Central Committee. I'll be doing research and job and marketing training with local women there while getting involved with the local church, living with a host family and learning Bahasa Indonesia (the language). 


MARCH 2010: "What's the Rush?"

A glimpse from Annie's blog "Misadventures" 

...On Christmas, my host mom and I went to her brother’s house for dessert. She asked me if I wanted to walk or take a taxi. It wasn’t far, and I do love to walk, and that’s what I told her. She said, “great, we’ll just go pelan-pelan.” She said it several times. Now, as far as I know, pelan-pelan just means slowly, so I wondered why she emphasized that we would go slowly, and thought, “why not just…normally?”

Today I was in a taxi, again, and was running late to meet a friend to set up for our English class. No one was telling the driver to slow down, but at a few points he asked if people needed to go through a couple of side-neighborhoods, parts of the regular route that are on more of an “as-needed basis,” and a few people did need the detour. I was reminded again, as I sometimes am when these things happen, that at this point, being late is inevitable, and worrying about it will only make it an unpleasant experience. So I let my friend know I’d be there ASAP and then sat back and noticed what a beautiful afternoon it had turned out to be.

Incidentally, I asked a friend about the pelan-pelan thing last week. She said that in that context, it seemed to her like it means, “Yeah, let’s walk – no need to hurry.” I think I could get used to that idea…

If you’ve ever met me in person, you may already have picked up on the fact that I thrive on being stressed out. And let’s be honest, people who complain about being stressed out LOVE it...

As for packing this year full of experiences, just living my everyday life in Papua is a different experience, if I can just chill out and let it, and I like that a lot. Over the last month I’ve really been making rest a priority...and it’s quite nice. In fact, when I lived in Java for two months, and went to language school for four hours a day, it was the first time in as long as I could remember that I was genuinely calm and relaxed. And it was glorious.

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