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"If I´ve learned anything as a volunteer over the last eleven´s that being flexible and willing to take on new tasks can make all the difference," says Sean Rawson (‘09). Serving with Jesuit Volunteers International in Managua, the former Seattle University soccer player was quickly recruited to coach the youth team. But he's also been involved in the community center, leading workshops on gender and violence, heading trash clean-up brigades, and teaching interactive climate change lessons.

Sean's adventurous attitude led to his role with Brigadas Ecológicas (Environmental Brigades). In one project, "The kids planned and painted a mural of Nicaragua on the wall of their school. We filled it in with all kinds of plants and animals and included two children carrying out some of the activities the Brigade works on." The kids weren't the only ones envisioning their community's future. "I was amazed to see the way the community gathered around the mural as they passed by, observing and approving the work the kids were doing." Sean admits, "I've never been much of an artist." But in the urban barrios surrounding Managua he has certainly become a renaissance man.

Sean's Service Bio

I will work with children and youth in supplemental education doing tutoring and coordinating extracurricular activities at an organization called Cantera.


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