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After three years of sharing life with people with developmental disabilities through L'Arche, Bill Hoskyn had learned a lot about himself. "I'm a doer. I need the practical, hands-on work where it's easier to see the impact and progress." So leading up to the KF Debriefing Retreat, he had been considering nursing programs. "It was during the discernment exercises that I decided on the UW Family Nurse Practitioner program." Now working at Group Health in Seattle, Bill provides skilled nursing care to homebound or hospice patients, where he thrives on providing tangible acts of service.

Bill is quick to credit his service experience for making him a more effective and well-rounded nurse: "L'Arche taught me just how important relationship is when caring for people. For truly effective care you have to attend to the whole person and not just the body." Bill finds a holistic approach particularly relevant in home-based care. "Rather than patients being forced to adapt to hospital culture, you get to learn about their world. This makes it easier to create a plan of care that is feasible, respectful and culturally appropriate for their life. And," he adds with a smile, "as a new nurse I'm still learning a ton, so it's always helpful when clients can direct their own care."

Bill also applies his service experiences to his approach to hospice. "A few core members passed away during my time in L'Arche," he recalls. "Taking time to say goodbye and celebrate the person before and after they died was actually really beautiful." Drawing on these experiences, Bill takes time to build trust with clients to help them feel comfortable sharing their goals and wishes. "A lot of folks see hospice work as depressing or draining. This might sound strange, but I get energized by it. If you ask someone within the field, many are able to draw a great deal of meaning and joy from it. Accompanying patients at the end of life reinforces the importance of living the life you want to lead and of celebrating life in community one moment at a time." Whether Bill is entertaining Krista Colleagues as the talent show emcee, taking a  L'Arche core member out to Wrestle Mania, or connecting with his patients, his energy and humor invite those around him to celebrate life in community.

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In L'Arche, I lived with and cared for adults with developmental disabilities.  I provided basic caregiving and created a warm, accepting home for the residents.  As a house leader, I led the team of caregivers and completed much of the state-required paperwork.


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