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2008 Colleague Jenny (Yu) Kordell is amazed how her 20's are flying by. "Looking back through jobs, marriage, adopting dogs, buying a house, church community group meetings, and growing friendships, I am overwhelmed by God's goodness and faithfulness in my life." Through Northwest Leadership Foundation in Tacoma, Jenny mentored gang-involved and high-risk youth at Mt. Tahoma High School. The University of Puget Sound graduate provided emotional, academic, and social support to help these youth graduate and take positive next steps. Following her volunteer assignment, she was hired by the College Success Foundation, which gives scholarships and support to help low-income high potential high-schoolers afford and succeed in College. Now in the business world, Jenny is the Operations and Recruiting Specialist for Touch Worldwide, a consulting firm. Her work with youth to develop goals and marketable skills has given her perspective in her current employment: "I am blessed to be in a job where I am constantly learning new skills and surrounded by smart, hardworking and nice people." Jenny is grateful for how her job challenges her to fine tune her skills in communication, time management, critical thinking." and she notes those skills will be relevant anywhere, "I will be better equipped should (God) call me elsewhere-grad school, parenting, ministry...?" Amidst the many transitions over the past four years, Jenny has stayed connected to the Colleague community, attending the KF January Debriefing retreat, and even bringing her husband Mat to share in the 2010 Conference.


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I mentored students referred to me by administration who were labeled "at-risk", and gave them emotional, academic, and social support.


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