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I was the coordinator between the children of a home in Bolivia and their godparents, or sponsors who support them, as well as the correspondent between the home and the other eight homes across Latin America that make up the organization.

How Larkin Used Our Grant

Walking in the scorching Sonoran heat, leaving food and water at pre-marked points, Larkin VanDerhoef (‘08) couldn't help but notice "clothing, coloring books, dolls, and makeshift shrines to the Virgin Mary that line the migrant trails." While home from serving in a Bolivian orphanage and accepted to Seattle University Law School, Larkin used his KF Leadership Grant to immerse himself in first-hand stories and experiences along the tense Arizona/Mexico border. To gain a balance of perspectives, Larkin spent time shadowing a Customs Enforcement agent who works to reduce organized crime including human and drug trafficking. He also attended "streamlined" deportation hearings in a federal courtroom. While he plans to work in human rights, Larkin's experience reinforced the significance of holding multiple perspectives—a skill that will strengthen his effectiveness as a lawyer, and as a leader.

He recently shared words of gratitude with the Krista Foundation, "Thank you for facilitating and nurturing a community that was so supportive while I was serving in Bolivia, so warm and welcoming when I returned, and so inspiring as I begin to lay the groundwork of the next phase of life." 


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