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Bree's original service work was with several community churches in the East Central neighborhood in Spokane, Washington. She co-directed an after school program, partnering with community agencies and universities to provide tutoring, mentoring and activities like community gardening. She has continued a life of service as an educator.

Bree began a career in science education, teaching overseas and on an Indian reservation in Washington State. In 2015, Bree graduated from the University of Idaho with a PhD in education. Bree's doctoral research in culturally sustaining teaching has deepened her conviction that education is a platform for social change-and that living outside one's culture changes the way you see politics, culture, family and relationships. She currently teaches chemistry and STEM research at Lead Deadwood High School in South Dakota and is a leader at the state level, participating in Department of Education workgroups on science education. 


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I co-directed an after school center for youth living in the East Central Neighborhood in Spokane, and provided tutoring services and enrichment activities for kids living in a low income neighborhood.  More recently, I taught science in Micronesia.


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Mennonite Central Committee
Pacific Northwest
Spokane, WA

Urban America