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Ten years ago, as a volunteer serving homeless and street involved youth in the Mathare Valley Slum in Nairobi Kenya, Krista Colleague Jack Brace became friends with an 13 year old boy named Peter. As part of the 1999 Colleague panel, Jack recounted the story of their friendship and Peter's long untreated leg wound that festered to the bone and threatened amputation. Jack helped him get a needed surgery. This process sparked a friendship of deep mutual respect that profoundly impacted Jack's life. (Full story found in The Global Citizen article "Companionship" available on our website).

Back from Kenya, Jack went on to graduate from Princeton Theological Seminary, and recently accepted a call as the Associate Pastor for Mission and Outreach at a church in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. On his desk sits a statue from Kenya, reminding Jack of Peter. During the conference panel he shared how every day of his pastoral work he considers the lessons learned through their friendship and how those lessons shape his vision for ministry. "My dream is that every person at (my church) would wake up each morning and step out their front door into the mission field, fully engaging people with the immense love of Christ."

Jack and his wife Elisabeth embodied this love as Global Citizen Kids Program leaders at the conference (see Jack's photo gallery).

Jack's Service Bio

I worked with homeless and street-involved youth in the Mathare Valley Slum and as part of a boy's home north of Nairobi near Chuka town. My primary role was as an advocate, mentor and friend to the boys I worked with, but I occasionally worked alongside social workers and teachers doing community outreach and health education.


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