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Alicia Favreau

How Alicia Is Impacting Communities

"Long hours, lots of paperwork, exhausting, and WONDERFUL!" says Alicia Favreau, of her work with highly impacted intellectually and developmentally delayed students. "It's a labor of love every day." After being introduced to teaching through AmeriCorps service in 2000, Alicia went on to receive a full teaching fellowship and obtained her M.A. in Educational Psychology specializing in Low Incidence Disabilities.

Now in Issaquah, Washington, Alicia has witnessed how budget cuts have affected the safety and effectiveness of programs for these students. Her ‘in the trenches' experience and great care for appropriate educational access have inspired to pursue a Ph.D. in Education Administration and Special Needs with an emphasis on teaching teachers. Alicia's goal is to be an advocate for this often forgotten student population. As a first step, she is taking on the rigorous, yearlong process of candidacy for the National Board for Professional Teaching.

Meanwhile, Alicia has served as an outstanding Krista Foundation volunteer, bringing her culinary expertise to warm the hearts and hungry bellies of younger Colleagues and Foundation guests.

Alicia's Service Bio

In Peace Corps, I worked with Zambian communities to teach community health classes on AIDS, HIV, safe sex, and healthy lifestyle choices.   At Epiphany School in Boston, with Americorps, I taught in a full service "private" school to teach at-risk youth.  We provided 3 meals a day, all classes, afterschool activities and study time at night.


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