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Stephanie Wladkowski

Stephanie's Impact

After finishing a Masters in Social Work at Boston University, 2001 Krista Colleague Stephanie Wladkowski felt drawn to hospice work. She finds deep satisfaction in guiding families through the frustration, sadness, occasional joy,and emotional unpredictability of the dying process. "It's extraordinary. It's such a unique and unknown time." She also leads hospice volunteer training and support groups for volunteers.

Those who noticed Stephanie's gifts in leadership and teaching encouraged her to pursue a Ph.D in Social Work. In August, she begins classes at Simmons College. The doctoral degree will allow her to shape education and policy for others involved in the dynamic and growing field of hospice work. Stephanie's professional interests emerged after joining the Jesuit Volunteer Corps. Doing social work with young mothers in a mostly Puerto Rican community in Hartford, Connecticut turned out to be a life-shaping choice!

"Whether at re-entry, or five years later to refocus on my goals, the Krista Foundation has been an incredible support community."


Stephanie's Service Bio

I provided case management to young mothers including providing transportation to doctor's appointments or visits to the welfare office. I facilitated support group for young mothers as well as group for teens without children and community outreach for providing baby supplies and home furnishings. I lived and worked within a Puerto Rican community.


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Jesuit Volunteer Corps
North America
Hartford, CT

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