Colleague Program

Touching Lives: Service In Action


Krista Colleagues touch lives through hands-on volunteer service.

"I was designed to show God's love in actions." -Krista Hunt Ausland 

Where Colleagues serve:

From mental illness to microfinance, homelessness to the HIV/AIDS epidemic, Krista Colleagues serve with established organizations in urban America, developing nations, and environmental projects. Click on the stories below to read how Krista Colleagues are living out "God's love in actions."

Colleague Stories

Caleb Stewart

Peace Corps - Thailand

After finishing 2 years of service with the Peace Corps implementing educational reforms, Caleb stayed an additional 3 years and became the director of a community development organization serving 18 tribal villages.

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Nikkita Oliver

Urban Impact - Seattle, WA

Nikkita connected with Seattle's Rainier Valley as a volunteer tutor during her freshman year of college. Now she directs the center where she volunteered, with development programs in tutoring, camps, and holistic leadership development for urban youth.

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