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In 2000, Sean Haley left for Paraguay to serve rural families through the Peace Corps. Part of his work included using his Krista Grant funds to expand his community development skills and partner with local women to build 55 fagones stoves that would ventilate cooking smoke and reduce families' susceptibility to lung disease.

Even now he is amazed by how the experience shaped his values and vocation: "In the States I continue to use the skills I learned working with children and families." Last year, he completed his MA in Social work from University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. Now working for Child Protective Services, Sean is struck by the economic, educational, and social injustices that hurt families of lower socio-economic status. "What makes the greatest impact on my heart is how these injustices imprint themselves on the innocent children of these families."

Sean is currently completing his Clinical licensure, honing counseling skills to better serve this community. He and his wife Michelle are part of Immaculate Conception Catholic church, where they are involved in many activities to promote basic rights for undocumented workers.  

Sean's Service Bio

I served in Paraguay as a development officer in the Peace Corps. In collaboration with local women in the community, we envisioned and developed a new model of a free standing adobe stove that vented outdoors, reducing both respiratory health and back problems that were common using floor level indoor cooking methods.


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