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In 2002, Whitworth graduate and Krista Colleague Caleb Stewart began a Peace Corps assignment teaching English culture and games in Thailand. After his 27 month assignment, Caleb felt at home in the Thai culture and decided to stay.  He was hired as Managing Director of the Khom Loy Development Foundation, an organization serving 18 tribal villages in the Chang Rai district. Caleb managed rapidly expanding programs in agriculture, Montessori-style education, and handicraft microenterprise. He used grant money Krista Foundation donors provided for advanced language training to develop essential skills in the formal Thai needed to be effective in professional contexts.

Caleb returned to the U.S. in May of 2008 and attends the University of Washington Law School.  With his new appreciation for policies impacting foreigners, he will focus on immigration law.

Coming home after five life-shaping years is not easy.  Over the Memorial Day Weekend Conference in 2008, Caleb connected with other colleagues who have struggled with re-entry. He also prepared a monologue about his experience transitioning home.

Caleb's Service Bio

I joined the Thai Government's Education Reform plan to create a more student centered and critical thinking based pedagogy by partnering with Thai teachers working in small, rural primary schools as well as coordinating various community development and community integration projects. These activities fulfilled Peace Corps primary goal of "helping the people of interested countries in meeting their need for trained men and women." The rest of my time was spent integrating into the community in order to fulfill the other two Peace Corps goals that deal with cross-cultural exchanges.


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