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Georgina Aldeguer Severin

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After graduating from Seattle University in 2002 with a BA in Economics and in Religious Studies, Georgina Aldeguer Severin served with the Vincentian Service Corps (VSC) in a small inner-city school in East Los Angeles. When the year was up, she stayed at the school for four additional years. In 2010, Georgina moved home to San Francisco, where she currently teaches Ethics and Church History at her alma mater Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep. She invests her leadership on the Board for the Vincentian Service Corps (VSC) and on the San Francisco Archdiocesan Advisory Board for Young Adult Catholics. On the Conference panel, Georgina asked younger Colleague to consider, "When life asks you to surrender in all the ways it will, what can you hold on to? What will you continue to reach for?" She shared the image of a majestic tree she encountered on a monastery retreat. It reached toward the sky, mirroring her soul's longing for God. Years later, she encountered the tree fallen, in a pose of surrender. "Though reaching was about me..." says Georgina, "surrender is about God...the work and effort become God's." In life's moments of major transition, moments of potential surrender "we discover the things most important to us." Georgina imparted to younger Colleagues how her "roots" of relationship with God, others, and alignment with the poor have helped ground and nourish her amidst life's challenges. Each day in her various leadership capacities, she strives to "live a life of simple service...and build peace in our world through prayer and just relationships."

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I was placed in Boyle Heights, a neighborhood of East Los Angeles, known for its poverty and gang warfare.  I became a teacher for 35 sixth graders in a Catholic school (where tuition is heavily subsidized).  I worked with the most committed group of people I've ever met - committed to the children, to each other, to God, and to love.


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