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Julie Weiskopf approaches history the human way. Her Ph.D. thesis, about massive resettlement in Tanzania, draws upon conversations with elders. Gleaned in the villages, the elders' rich stories convey the experience of a people who withstood at least two major resettlements in the 20th century. In response to a sleeping sickness epidemic, 65,000 Tanzanians were consigned to Sleeping Sickness Concentrations in the 1920s and 30s. Decades later in the 1970s, the people were again resettled when the Socialist Government attempted to jump-start rural development through forced collective agriculture. The people's experience during and after the resettlement inform Julie's suggestions for confronting modern African challenges in governance, citizenship, health and development.

Julie's research, which was conducted primarily in the summer of 2009, has already made her an in-demand speaker and contributor. She recently presented her work at the African Studies Association Conference, and was selected for a panel discussion of Medical research ethics and Community in Colonial East Africa.

The impact of Julie's work continues to spread in another unexpected way: she provided connections for Krista Foundation Board Member and Whitworth Professor Moses Pulei who is developing an African Studies immersion program. Moses came to Tanzania and, while visiting sites throughout the country, met with Julie's university contacts in Dar Salaam and Zanzibar. Students who participate in this future program will unknowingly be studying on a foundation of African elders' stories and personal connections made through the academic world and the Krista Foundation.

Julie Weiskopf recently began teaching a World Civilizations course at Gonzaga University in Spokane. Her teaching and continued research will undoubtedly impact both individual students in her classes and institutional policy in the thorny African political landscape.

Julie's Service Bio

I was the legal assistant to legal aid attorneys who represented parents and children with American Indian heritage involved in the foster care system.  I spent most of my time visiting our clients to learn how they were doing and what support they needed, but I also attended meetings with case workers and other attorney's representatives to discuss the progress of the case.


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