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Joy Dance | Jeremy Funk | 6
On the night of Krista Hunt Ausland's death, one friend takes pen in hand to express
the spirit and purpose of her life through poetry.

Stepping on Toes: Lessons in the Field

Taking Care: The Quest for an Ethical and Mutual
Approach to Service | Valerie Norwood | 8
Can service be unethical? The Krista Foundation's Executive Director Valerie Norwood
explores the impact of service on both the individual volunteer and the host community,
challenging the reader to help build a culture of care in service volunteerism.

Staying for Tea | Aaron Ausland | 14
A veteran community developer reflects on his tenure as a volunteer in Bañado
de la Cruz, and shares the five principles of successful service that guide his
subsequent work.

Companionship | Jack Brace | 22
A young volunteer experiences a life-changing moment of community in the most
unexpected of places.

Story Thatching: Living Grace | Hector Herrera | 28
Social worker Hector Herrera encounters moments of grace in his daily interactions
with one of the most vulnerable populations in the U.S.: homeless alcoholics.

Do Not Wait To Make Your Life Count | Moses Pulei | 32
A university professor reflects on the bridges and barriers to effecting change
that he encounters both in his native Maasai tribe in Africa and in suburbs
and inner-cities across America.

The Next Move: Transitions Home and Beyond

No Great Things | David James Duncan | 38
Award-winning writer David James Duncan practices the daily act of expressing
love through "small" things.

Service Compost | Sarah Wanless Zwickle | 42
When an accomplished college athlete brings the same drive for success to her service
activities, she experiences burnout and exhaustion before finding healing and hope.

Come to the Table | Aaron Ausland | 48
Krista Colleague Aaron Ausland invites us to consider a values framework for
global citizenship that will empower young adults to emulate a life-long ethic of
service, civic engagement, and global understanding.

I am Going Home, but First | Rachael Novak | 54
After spending a year in Americorps, a young adult grapples with the decision to
attend graduate school or to return to her home on the Diné (Navajo) Reservation.

Joy Dance: Service as a Way of Life

Household Economics: Practicing Purposeful Living
in a Global Commons | Sharon Daloz Parks | 58
With lives that are increasingly pressured by time, consumer culture, and resource
scarcity, Sharon Daloz Parks draws on Mennonite and Quaker insights to re-imagine
what household economics might look like in both our personal and planetary home.

From Jinja Town to Farm Town | Darien Palpant | 66
A former volunteer in Uganda adjusts to life in small-town America and reflects on
the life-changing events that took her across two continents and back again in
search of community.

The Voice of Those Who Sing | Gregory J. Boyle | 70
A Jesuit priest in Los Angeles grapples with the unspeakable hope and inexplicable
loss that he finds in the lives of gang members to whom he mentors and ministers
on a daily basis.

Historic Inspiration for Travel & Service
in the Formation of Leadership| James Hunt | 76
Historian James Hunt uncovers the role that travel and service have played in shaping
great American leaders throughout the nation's history.

A Terrible Beauty | Linda Hunt | 79
When her daughter's life of service is cut short by tragedy, Linda Hunt
travels to Bolivia in search of grace and healing.

Curriculum | 89

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