Colleague Program

Impacting Communities: Emerging Leadership


Vera Fitness founders smile at business competitionKrista Colleagues' insightful leadership positively shapes our global and local communities.

"You will become a different kind of doctor, or lawyer, businessman, or whatever you do, if you spend a year of your life serving poor people." Moses Pulei, Maasai Tribal Leader and KF Board Member

Colleagues put service values to work:

Whether in starting a unique business, facilitating the school multi-cultural club, or leading assessments for global non-profits, Krista Colleagues emerge as leaders who think and act globally and locally. Read specific stories below of how Krista Colleagues have "become different..." because of spending "a year of your life serving poor people."

Colleague Stories

Wakefield Gregg

- Tacoma, WA

Inspired by the popularity of electric bikes in China, and impassioned by work with at-risk youth in Walla Walla, Charter Colleague Wakefield Gregg created a business plan. Read how Wake's service experience and meaningful grant use change the way he will do business.

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Teresa Rake

Mennonite Central Committee - Pesqueira, Pernambuco, Brazil

Teresa is building skills to enhance her rich life experience in intercultural communication. The Krista Foundation has been a network and resource on her vocational journey.

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Ryan Schmid

Rainier Avenue Free Methodist Church - Seattle, WA

Quiz: What do you get when you bring together four passionate entrepreneurial leaders including two Krista Colleagues with hearts transformed by volunteer service? Answer: Vera Fitness, a business crafted to empower women, value employees, and embody an ethic of stewardship that reinvests in local and global communities.

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