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New Colleague Spring Nomination Timeline

Location Spokane, WA


Nominations due March 20th.

Nominee Applications sent out March 24th

Applications Due April 11th

Interview Weekend April 23-25

New Colleagues Announced May 5th

Conference May 28-31 (Arrive at 6PM at Hearth)


Tags Developing Nations, Environmental Projects, Urban America, Global Citizenship, Global Citizenship, Preparing To Serve

Krista Colleagues re-connect to process their service experiences during a Debriefing Retreat at The Hearth guest center.


Krista Colleague Debriefing Retreat

Time 6:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Location The Hearth, Spokane, WA


Come and connect with like-spirited people. Reflect on the joys, hardships, and memorable food & community experiences from our varied service encounters. This retreat is also a carefully protected time for exploring and discerning next steps.


Led by Val Norwood, along with other guest mentors.

Driving Directions

At the Hearth, behind Jim and Linda's.

Important Info

Additional information for Krista Colleague attendees:

Here are a few important things to bring/do:

1) Please read the attached article before arriving, Service Compost by Sarah Wanless. (great for the plane ride)

2) Be prepared for SNOW! Spokane has a couple feet of snow and will have highs around 36. We will have some good free time so you may want to see if the sledding hill is in any shape for use.

3) Bring your journal or a notebook to use during guided reflection.

4) Bring journals from your time of service/transition for private reflection.

5) Bring a photo (printed) of one person that was significant to you during your season of service.

6) Bible

7) Album/online photo gallery - we have informal time in the afternoon and evening to share photos/stories

8) Bathing suit / extra towel for the hot tub.

9) Toiletries/warm clothes (layers)

10) Puppets available at Hearth if you want to design your own puppet show for our entertainment

Feel free to email with any questions. Also, though the impetus for the retreat is transitiong out of ‘volunteer service' we hold that term loosely as many times KC's ‘formal service' extends into vocational work/employment. The retreat will focus on debriefing the service journey (as you define it) and navigating the season of transition beyond. Together we will create space to explore how certain experiences and encounters have enriched, challenged, reshaped who we are, how we perceive the world and choose to interact with it. Perhaps most importantly, we have an opportunity to do this in the context of hearing each others journey.

Tags Developing Nations, Environmental Projects, Urban America, Transitions Home & Beyond, Post-Service Term Reflections, Transitions Home & Beyond, Post-Service Term Reflections, Integrating Service As A Way Of Life