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Brand New KF Website Goes LIVE!

Destiny Williams | Krista Foundation Press, Global Citizenship, Education, Community

program graphicIt has been an online journey!

After months of careful design and planning, we are proud to offer this new resource to connect the individuals and communities who are committed to young adult service and leadership development.

A huge thanks goes to the hard work and dedication of the staff at Moment Media. Also, we are so very grateful to Krista Colleagues and other volunteers, without whose tireless editing and uploading the website would not have launched for another 6 months.

In the weeks ahead, we look forward to uploading service resources, journal articles, colleague stories, and photos from service.

Most of all, we hope you find encouragement and support from this site, whether you are:

     a young adult considering taking a leap into service, or a current volunteer seeking encouragement and community.
     a nominator who works with inspiring young adults or a donor looking to celebrate the 'fruits' of the Foundation
     a long-time advocate for our vision, or a first-time visitor, just getting acquainted with our unique way of supporting young leaders on the road to global citizenship.

And though it sounds cliché, our genuine hope is that you will feel well served through this site-- so please send us an email with your suggestions & encouragements.

And if you are excited about the site-- please spread the word within your circles of connection and influence.

Explore away!!!