Holding Life and Death Together

Headed for a career as a hospice social worker, Bridget Hinton ’14 used Krista Foundation resources to build bridges with patients and take care of herself. Click here for more.

Meet A Colleague

Meet A Colleague

Yusuf Word

Yusuf put his leadership skills to work for three years through AmeriCorps in Tacoma and though a mentoring program at Northwest Leadership Foundation. He became a Krista Colleague in 2013.
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Taking Care

Taking Care

Taking Care

The Quest for Ethical and Mutual Service - an exploration of how to serve well and transform service experiences into lives of service leadership by Valerie Norwood, Executive Director
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Highlight From The Global Citizen Journal

Volume 3: Come to the Table

Introduction from the Editor
In an effort to explore the nature of this [service] ethic, we have arranged this issue of The Global Citizen around the metaphor of a table. Tables, be they the tables of our childhood or those of our adult lives, are by their very nature places where we gain our values. Thus, in the first article, “Come to the Table: Five Values for the Global Citizen,” I have invited you to explore the nature of this ethic at each of five tables. The values set out at these tables – mutuality, influence, competence, humility, and celebration – are neither a complete nor settled set. One might question why I chose mutuality over sacrifice, community or wonder; or perhaps why hope or change were left out. By sustaining a metaphor of invitation to this series of five tables, I hope to leave space for such questions, indeed space for other tables where this ethic might be further shaped.
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Service Is A Way Of Life
Service Is A Way Of Life

The Krista Foundation equips young adults with skills to transform service experiences into lives of service leadership.

Transitioning from a service year can be a disorienting experience. Through mentoring, a colleague community and re-integration services, the Krista Foundation helps young adults fully understand and employ the learnings from their service experience.

Our colleagues touch lives through hands-on volunteer service with organizations such as Peace Corps, AmeriCorps or Jesuit Volunteer Corps.

Our unique peer-mentoring model develops young Christian leaders during their pivotal 20-something years.

Our colleagues' insightful leadership positively shapes our global and local communities.

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