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The Ripple Effect: Service changes you, service changes the world.

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BackgroundThe Ripple Effect: 3.4.12

On March 4th, 2012, the Krista Foundation will recognize three mid-career professionals whose lives have been shaped by service and whose service-centered leadership is making "a ripple effect" in one of the KF's focus areas: Urban U.S.A., the environment, or the developing world. These three Global Citizens will be an integral part of our community fundraising event The Ripple Effect: Service changes you, service changes the world.

Global Citizen Awards Eligibility

1. Nominees must be between 30 and 50 by January 1 of the nomination year.
2. Nominees must be resident of the Northwest (Washington, Oregon, Idaho).
3. Nominees may be exercising their Global Citizenship through any professional field of the global or 
    local marketplace, in public or private sectors.
4. Nominees must demonstrate a leadership ethic that affirms the value of volunteer service and
    encourages community engagement.
5. Nominees must be impacting any one of the Krista Foundation's three focus areas:
    environmental, urban U.S.A., or the developing world.
6. Nominees may not be candidates for or holders of public office.

Award Year Timeline

1. Nomination forms and essays will be accepted through November 10, 2011.
2. The Selection Team will evaluate and select three honorees by November 30, 2011.
3. The 2012 Krista Foundation Global Citizen Awards will be presented during a celebratory reception: The Ripple Effect: Service changes you. Service changes the world on Sunday March 4th, 2012.

The following criteria will be used to evaluate and select award recipients:

  • Making the Global-Local connection—the candidate recognizes, nurtures and strengthens constructive relationships between local communities and their global impact.
  • Intercultural Competence—the candidate demonstrates racial and cultural inclusion in personal and professional practices, incorporating the gifts and contributions of a diversity of persons, capacities, approaches for the benefit of community.
  • Adaptive Leadership—the candidate practices leadership that promotes collaborative and empowering leadership within the workplace and/or community(ies), supporting mutual engagement in shaping the solutions that impact them.
  • Service as a Way of Life—the candidate has contributed to their field by creative and sustainable commitment to service within the workplace and community.
  • Empowering Young Adults—the candidate leverages their experience by investing in future leaders.
  • Respect for Spiritual Values and Motivation—the candidate actively seeks understanding and collaborates with people within and beyond one's faith identity. Candidates do not have to be Christian or religious to qualify.

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Link to GCA Nomination Form 


 We have written a "mock" nomination of Will Allen. Please click here to read it. 

About the Krista Colleague Program:

The Krista Colleague Cohort program intentionally brings together young adults from a variety of Christian traditions, including conservative and progressive, believing that often the best place to practice engaging difference and healing divisions can be close to home. Young adults in the KF program serve and learn from others regardless of race, religion, politics, gender or other category that can be used to divide or marginalize. As participants in an ecumenical peer mentoring community, young adults are invited to dig deeply into life-shaping service experiences to leverage insights and grow as leaders who make a positive, sustained local-global impact.

About KF Services and Resources:

In over a decade of creative work with young adults through the Krista Colleague Cohort Program, some services and resources have emerged. The Foundation publishes The Global Citizen: A Journal for Young Adults Engaging the World through Service, which is used locally and nationally by universities and service organizations. The Foundation also offers preparation, debriefing or consulting services for both faith-based and secular programs seeking to fill a critical gap between a young adult's service experience and a life of service leadership.

Why the Krista Foundation?

Transitioning from a service year can be a disorienting experience. Through mentoring, a colleague community and re-integration services, the Krista Foundation helps young adults fully understand and employ the learnings from their service experience. A service year, when nurtured, becomes a life of service leadership.

The Krista Foundation for Global Citizenship honors the life and legacy of Krista Hunt Ausland died in a bus accident at age 25 while volunteering in Bolivia with her husband. Learn More.

ripple. nomination form

Link to GCA Nomination form