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Dear Community, 

We are rapidly closing in on our November 10th deadline to GCA Ripplenominate a local leader to be considered for a Global Citizen Award. The three winners will be honored as part of the Krista Foundation's event on March 4th, 2012 called The Ripple Effect: Service changes you. Service changes the world.

We know creative and compassionate local leaders are making ripples in our local and global communities in one of the KF's focus areas: Urban U.S.A., the environment, or the developing world.

We're counting on YOU to nominate them.

For example:
•  Environmental: A business owner committed to sustainable practices
•  Urban: Someone who mobilized community partners to revitalize K-12 education in their US urban neighborhood.
•  Developing World: A social entrepreneur who has launched an innovative fair-trade international product

Many of you have been asking for a concrete example. Below we've written and attached a mock nomination of Will Allen (who would qualify if he were local and between 30 and 50 years old). This example provides a sample reference point as you nominate.

Already prepared to nominate?

GCA nomination CRITERIA  |  GCA Nomination FORM


Nomination example:

Dear Krista Foundation Global Citizen Award selection team -

I am excited to nominate Will Allen for the 2012 Global Citizen Award in the KF core area of Environmental. While his life and work profoundly impact urban America and encompass our global reality, his organization has brought the local and global communities into relationship with the environment and built capacity and community literally from the "roots".

Will leads with a heart for service that pervades his life. (Service as a way of life). He opens his farm to support and mentor local teens and youth. (Empowering youth). His adaptive leadership is seen in the success and respect for Growing Power (GP). The Global-Local connection is clear in GP's commitment to both local farms and international trainings. His commitment to intercultural competence is highlighted by GP's programs aimed to dismantle racism. I have seen Will's frequent respectful collaboration with communities of faith in his mission to build a sustainable planet. (Respect for Spiritual Values and Motivation).

While playing pro basketball and traveling in Belgium in his 20's, the small-plot intensive gardening he saw there reminded him of the garden plots he worked with his father. Returning to the states he applied and expanded the lessons learned in Europe. At 43 Will was ready for a transition from work in the commercial sector. He purchased a local urban nursery in foreclosure with a dream of growing vegetables and making them available to those with little access. He saw that the challenges of food security, so evident in the global context, were also blatant within urban neighborhoods, like his home city of Milwaukee.

Soon the neighborhood kids, became interested in his gardens and asked advice on managing their own. Propelled by their curiosity and inspiration, Will became a mentor, teacher and soon urban farmer.

Growing Power, the non-profit he established, is about growing food, growing community, and growing youth. It serves as an urban garden and training center, providing affordable produce to neighborhoods without access to fresh food, while sustainably processing organic wastes. There are greenhouses with herbs and greens, aquaculture, vermicomposting, an anaerobic digester. There are classrooms, kitchens and a retail store that sells 100,000 pounds of produce to a network of 300 farmers, restaurants and co-ops. Teens work in the store and renovate the greenhouses to grow food for their community.

What started as an effort to change the landscape of Milwaukee's northside has blossomed into a large-scale commitment to sustainable food systems. Since its inception, GP has served the young, the elderly, farmers, producers, and professionals from USDA personnel to urban planners, offering trainings on a wide variety of social and agricultural issues influenced by sustainable urban agriculture (from soil issues to participative leadership).

The Growing Food and Justice for All Initiative of GP uses sustainable agriculture to impact racism. This comprehensive program brings together social change agents from diverse sectors working to bring about new, healthy and sustainable food systems and supporting and building multicultural leadership in impoverished communities throughout the world.

Learn more here! http://www.growingpower.org/about_us.htm

Read more: http://www.time.com/time/specials/packages/article/0,28804,1984685_1984949_1985243,00.html #ixzz1cnlkWdGt


So, now you've seen an example. Please be part of the Ripple Effect by nominating today! The November 10th deadline is almost here!

GCA nomination CRITERIA  |  GCA Nomination FORM

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