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Global Citizen Award Nomination 2012

The Krista Foundation | Krista Foundation Press

The Krista Foundation for Global Citizenship bestows the Global Citizen Award upon mid-career professionals who demonstrate service-centered leadership impacting urban U.S.A., the environment and the developing world.

The Global Citizen Award honors people who exemplify the qualities necessary to create community and sustainable futures for people and the environment.

One person will be selected in each of the Krista Foundation's three areas of focus: environmental, urban U.S.A., developing nations.

Nominations due November 10 | Criteria and Nomination information (link)

The Nomination criteria draws upon the values an skills The Krista Foundation works to nurture and equip in young adults as they employ the learnings from life-shaping service. A service year, when nurtured, becomes a life of service leadership.

For nomination form please click here.