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Krista Colleagues Keep Christmas in Perspective

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In preparation for Christmas, Krista Colleagues are invited to consider how their time of service has informed their understanding of Christmas, and send in snippets to share. From December 25th to January 6th the Krista Foundation blog and Facebook page will feature their images, poetry and stories each of the Twelve Days of Christmas. See details below for submitting your contribution and, if you have not already, be sure to "like" our Facebook page!

Celebrating the Twelve Days of Christmas 

Christians are invited to engage the world from God's perspective. One of the ways the church helps in this seemingly impossible walk is by reminding us there is chronos time (clock time) and kairos time (God's time). God breaks into the linear flow of our clock time and calls us to participate in God's unfolding story, happening in kairos time. An example of practicing kairos is the calendar of the Christian community.

According to the church calendar we have just begun a new year. We are in the season of Advent, a time of anticipation and preparation for Jesus' birth. The birth of Jesus makes God's perspective real in the flesh and initiates an avalanche of perspective shifting. Advent invites us to regain perspective, to focus preparation on our spirits more than our shopping lists! Though persistent messages of the larger society can overshadow the Christian meaning and purpose of Christmas, we cling to kairos perspective.

In God's time Christmas is a whole season, not just one day. December 25 begins twelve days of celebrating! From sundown on Christmas Day until Epiphany, January 6, the church revels in the astounding gift of God-With-Us, Immanuel. The "Twelve Days of Christmas" is celebrated a variety of ways by both Western and Eastern Christian traditions.

Epiphany, "appearing" or "revealing", celebrates the magi visiting the child Jesus, God's promise and presence extending to the whole world. For Eastern Christians, Orthodox and Coptic traditions, Epiphany outshines Christmas as the culmination of the season.

Krista Colleague Submission guide:

No doubt your time of service held kairos moments, when God's presence was powerful and real. How did your service experience influence your understanding of Christmas, its meaning and purpose? Whether a practice in your urban community, a tender gift from your generous neighbor, a new outlook on celebration and inclusion, your experience can help the entire Krista Foundation community to keep the season in perspective and celebrate the Twelve Days of Christmas.

Submit entries in the form of a story, poem, photograph, artwork, or video to: (before Christmas please!!!)

The KF blog team (Kendall Paine and Joe Tobiason from the Colleague Council, staff and volunteers) will select 12 entries to be featured each of the "Twelve Days of Christmas" beginning December 25th. 

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