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Theresa Cutter

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The Moreau Center at the University of Portland honors St. Basil Moreau, who said, "an education that is complete is one in which the hands and heart are engaged as much as the mind." At U.P., Theresa Cutter's hands, heart, and mind traveled to Nicaragua, Yakima, and the U.S.-Mexico border through the Center's short-term immersion programs. Now graduated, she wants the richness of two full years of service and accompaniment in the town of Andahuaylillas, Peru.

Serving as a teacher, Theresa notes, "In truth, the local residents will have more to teach me than what I can teach them." Her vision goes beyond two years. "I hope the experience forever affects how I view my daily as a privileged U.S. citizen," and sees ongoing relationships with Krista Colleagues as essential to processing her experiences. "The Conference helped me understand how to better root myself while serving and how to incorporate that same rootedness after I return."

Theresa's Service Bio

Theresa will be teaching English, among other courses, to students between 12 and 16 years of age at the Fé y Alegría school. She will also be involved in the local church, working as a member of the pastoral team.


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Andahuaylillas, Peru

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