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Maggie Chambers

Jesuit Volunteer Corps
Bridgeport, CT
High school teacher of computer, economics, and SAT preparation.
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Mary Burt

Jesuit Volunteer Corps
Marshall Islands
Science teacher in remote high school
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Megan Hurley

Jesuit Volunteer Corps
Portland, OR
Medical recuperation and housing case management for low income and homeless people
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Neshia Alaovae

Jesuit Volunteer Corps
Washington, D.C.
a compassionate companion at St Joseph's house, a hospice care home
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Nicholas Madsen

Jesuit Volunteer Corps
Camden, NJ
Spanish teacher at K-8 school, and welfare assistance for immigrant women
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Paige Hustead

Jesuit Volunteer Corps
Oakland, CA
Case manager for low-income senior citizens
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Scott Crain

Jesuit Volunteer Corps
Washington, D.C.
Support for public defenders on death row cases
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Shawn Kaminsky

Jesuit Volunteer Corps
Baltimore, Maryland
Legal health advocacy for pre-trial inmates
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Stephanie Wladkowski

Jesuit Volunteer Corps
Hartford, CT
Medical case management for young mothers
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Tess Abellera

Jesuit Volunteer Corps
Portland, OR
Co-curricular program and teaching assistant
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Tony Pehanich

Jesuit Volunteer Corps
Juneau, AK
Intensive case management for dual-diagnosis clients/residents
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Vanessa Lam

Jesuit Volunteer Corps
San Francisco
St. Anthony's Foundation
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William Smith

Jesuit Volunteer Corps
Camden, NJ
Jesuit Volunteer in Camden, New Jersey
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