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It's Impossible to Do It Alone!

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Emily Bays' favorite scriptures are the Acts of the Apostles, "because they model how we can live in community and support each other."

Passionate about fostering thriving communities, Emily spent two years building bridges between the generation most directly affected by the Hanford nuclear production site and a young generation largely ignorant of the situation. "It was exciting to bring a voice of concern both for workers and environment to Hanford decision making," she says.

Less exciting was her volunteer living situation. "I knew that living communally wasn't going to be a cakewalk," she says, but the inherent messiness of shared living, few opportunities to process challenging in-service experiences, and finally a small house fire created "a different incarnation of community than we expected."

Luckily, Emily found vital support in the Krista Foundation. Last year’s Winter Debriefing and Discernment Retreat became critical in helping Emily process “a year so difficult that I was ready to get out.” The weekend “gave me tools to move forward with the experience, and use it in a productive way instead of having it be a big weight.”

Drawing on a Christian faith that is “completely integral to my view of the world,” Emily is planning her next move with the support of the Krista Foundation. “We (Krista Colleagues) are in all different places on our faith journey. By welcoming and nurturing us no matter where we are, we can live out our values of service and social justice.”