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Matthew Jackson

Ubom! Eastern Cape Drama Company
Grahamstown, South Africa
Drama workshop leader, educator, and improvisor
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Michael Davis

Urban Impact
Seattle, WA
When the new Colleague class heard they were expected to perform in the Conference talent show, some got nervous… but Mike Davis felt right at home. Originally from Kansas City, Missouri, Mike spent years coordinating school assemblies that toured nationally, using hip-hop, rap, and other media to reach youth about abstinence and youth violence. “There are so many issues that our young people are dealing with on a daily basis that distract them from pursuing their dreams,” Mike laments. He sees the arts as ministry, a way to convey culturally-relevant messages, and he finds deep motivation by the potential he sees in young people “to turn this world upside down for the Kingdom of God.” Mike now directs the Leadership and Mentoring Program for Urban Impact in Seattle, using performing arts to equip middle school youth to make positive, life-giving choices. Mike’s goal as a Colleague is “to be think and dream bigger in my attempt to reach young people.”
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