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Anna Knutzen

International Assistance Mission
Kabul, Afghanistan
Photojournalism, civic education, public relations
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Annie Mesaros

Mennonite Central Committee
Papua, Inodonesia
Job and marketing training with women in Indonesia
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Brittany Quinn

The Garden of Hope
Women's resources program coordination, ministry to those in commercial sex industry
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Caleb Stewart

Peace Corps
Implementation of government education reforms, community development
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Calista Yates

West Kalimantan, Indonesia
Nursing in rural jungle hospital
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Christina Li

Enterprise Development International
Manila, Philippines
Communications, marketing, and quality improvement for a microfinance organization
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Jenika Webber

Young Adult Volunteers PC(USA)
Teaching computer skills at blind school, English teacher
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Jessica Sosa

Mennonite Central Committee
Phenom Phen, Cambodia
Program Assistant at Precious Women
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Judy Naegeli

Mennonite Central Committee
Hanoi, Vietnam
Manuscript editor for publishing house
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Kevin Grow

Christian Volunteers in Thailand
Northern Thailand

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Ross Feehan

Indian Social Institute
New Delhi
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