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Aaron Ausland

Mennonite Central Committee
Microenterprise/ microfinance, women's empowerment, rural development
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Annie Mesaros

Mennonite Central Committee
Papua, Inodonesia
Job and marketing training with women in Indonesia
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Christina Li

Enterprise Development International
Manila, Philippines
Communications, marketing, and quality improvement for a microfinance organization
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Cleo Peterson

Seattle, WA
Non-profit toyshop for homeless and mentally ill adults
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Devin Erhardt

PEER Servants
Cusco, Peru
Communications/marketing, non-profit infrastructure and systems, microfinance
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Jonathan Mason

The Middle East
Community empowerment and employment assistance
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Judy Naegeli

Mennonite Central Committee
Hanoi, Vietnam
Manuscript editor for publishing house
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Katie Villano

Jesuit Volunteer Corps
Tacoma, WA
Day center for homeless guests, homeless newspaper creation
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Kendra Kelley

Peace Corps
Rural health teacher, hygiene, nutrition and cooking
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Peter Escher

Homeless Children International
Homeless children's advocate
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Ryan Schmid

Rainier Avenue Free Methodist Church
Seattle, WA
Refugee relations and outreach, church-based services
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Wakefield Gregg

Tacoma, WA
Mentoring for urban at-risk youth
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