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Maddie Justin

Holy Cross Overseas Lay Ministry
Jinja, Uganda
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Madie Padon

Holy Cross Overseas Lay Ministry
middle and high school teacher and youth group leader
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Maren Mylander

Hope Enterprises
Community development projects, and teaching business and English
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Mark Wheeler

Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos
Child-sponsorship coordinator, non-profit communications
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Mark Zimmerly

Young Adult Volunteers PC(USA)
Northern Ireland
Irish Catholic and Protestant youth reconciliation, community center programs
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Mary Burt

Jesuit Volunteer Corps
Marshall Islands
Science teacher in remote high school
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MaryLynn Powers

Bolivian Community Project
Kindergarten teaching assistant, community development, sponsor relations
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Matthew Jackson

Ubom! Eastern Cape Drama Company
Grahamstown, South Africa
Drama workshop leader, educator, and improvisor
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Matthew Moskwik

Salesian Lay Missioners
Lungi, Sierra Leone West Africa
Biology and math instruction, and amphibian research
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Michael Marchesini

Jesuit Volunteers International
Managua, Nicaragua
Teaching and youth center support, street kids
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Michael Novasky

Come Let's Dance
Kampala, Uganda
Advocacy, health, and care for homeless and orphaned children
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Mische Kang

Mamelodi Initiative
Pretoria, South Africa
Executive Director of the Mamelodi Initiative
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Nathan Brouwer

Peace Corps
The Gambia, West Africa
Computation and Agro-forestry education
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Nathan Palpant

Africa Inland Mission
Youth work, medical team support, videography
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Nathan Sooter

World Concern
I will be the Communications Liaison for World Concern in Bolivia. I will fill several roles including gathering stories and photo, writing grants, and leading donor trips. As a full-time member of the World Concern Bolivia staff, I will support the office however I can.
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Nathan Williams

Peace Corps
Pourra, Burkina Faso
Rural math and science teacher
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Neah Ortman

Mennonite Central Committee
Burkina Faso
I will be teaching English language classes at Apostolic College in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. I will also help lead student meetings and organize sport activities.
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Nils Ringo

Farm of the Child
Living in community and serving on the orphanage property
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Nina Boe

Episcopal Young Adult Service Corps
Sao Paulo, Brazil
supporting the communications, administration, and social justice participation of two church communities in or near Sao Paolo, Brazil.
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Peter Bittner

Seattle; Mongolia
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Peter Escher

Homeless Children International
Homeless children's advocate
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Philip Culbertson

Come Let's Dance
Orphaned and abandoned children, community development
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Richard Kelley

African Enterprise
Pretoria, South Africa
I work with high school students living in the Mamelodi township of South Africa. I run and support educational programming (including computer literacy courses, an after-school program, a young men's group, sports initiative, and holiday programming) and mentor local teens.
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Ross Feehan

Indian Social Institute
New Delhi
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Sara Migliazzo

Young Adult Volunteers PC(USA)
Belfast, Northern Ireland
Church-based reconciliation work
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