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Alicia Ward

Osa Sea Turtle Conservation Project
Costa Rica
Field technician for sea turtle survey, educator in wildlife and habitat
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Alissa White

Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos
nursing care and health education for children and community
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Amy McNair

Tony Blair Foundation
Chicago, IL
Malaria education in Chicago
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Ana Gaytan

Tacoma, WA
Social work with immigrant community
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Anna Kapranos

Alliance for Catholic Education
Shreveport, LA
Urban Catholic school teacher
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Anna Knutzen

International Assistance Mission
Kabul, Afghanistan
Photojournalism, civic education, public relations
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Anthony Bedoy

PLACE: Partners in Los Angeles Catholic Education
Los Angeles
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Anthony DeLorenzo

Jesuit Volunteer Corps
Newark, NJ
City greening, environmental trainings & youth education. Homeless 'immersion' experiences for high schoolers.
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Ariana Easterly

Urban Impact
Seattle (Rainier Valley), Washington
Family Involvement Director working with parents and youth in the Rainier Valley
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Bethany Dearborn

Youth Volunteer Corps
Seattle, WA
Service learning projects oversight and coordination for high schools
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Brandon Adams

Lutheran Volunteer Corps
Chicago, IL
Video production high school teacher and advisor
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Caleb Stewart

Peace Corps
Implementation of government education reforms, community development
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Carmetrus Parker

Tacoma, WA
Montessori public school and afterschool literacy program
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Cody Hawkins

Northwest Leadership Foundation
Next Move Coach
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Curt Farr

Young Adult Service Corps
Quito, Ecuador
English teacher in Ecuador
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Damian Long

Athletes in Action
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Basketball coaching and mentoring
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Dave Stalsbroten

Urban Impact
Managua, Nicaragua
Delegations coordinator for short term teams
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Demetra Davis

International Humanity Foundation
Nakuru, Kenya
Teacher and caregiver at an orphanage in Kenya
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Derek Rogalsky

The Haitian Project
Croix De Bouquets, Haiti
Middle and high school teacher and mentor
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Devynne Nelons

Northwest Leadership Foundation
Healthy Parkland Coordinator, Washington Campus Connect
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Doug Orofino

Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos
Tegucigalpa, Honduras
tutoring and music education coordination in an orphanage
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Eddie Labid

AmeriCorps VISTA
Waco, TX
Resourcing community partners and student organizations at Baylor University
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Emily Haddad

Mennonite Central Committee
Recife, Brazil
After-school program tutor for children of city dump
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Erin Routledge

Jesuit Volunteer Corps
Houston, TX
Tutoring Program Coordinator, Cristo Rey Jesuit Preparatory School
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Faith Kersey-Bronec

Jesuit Volunteers International
Tacna, Peru

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