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George Lee

Creation Care Studies Program
New Zealand
Student life coordinator for stewardship study program
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Georgina Aldeguer Severin

Vincentian Service Corps
East Los Angeles, CA
6th Grade teacher in urban Catholic school
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Gilma Bernal

Jesuit Volunteer Corps
Brooklyn, NY
Teacher, Brooklyn Jesuit Prep
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Ingrid Hannan

Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos
Dominican Republic
Environmental educator at an orphanage in Dominican Republic
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Jake McCoy

Westminster House
Spokane, WA
Grade-school tutor and church-based good neighbor
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Jaquette Easterlin

At the Science and Math Institute I am the BRIDGE coordinator and student support service contact. I organize training sessions for my students, often working one-on-one to support and improve their success academically and socially.
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Jenika Webber

Young Adult Volunteers PC(USA)
Teaching computer skills at blind school, English teacher
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Jeremiah Sataraka

Tacoma, WA
Leadership and administration for emerging urban high schoolers
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Jerry-Lee Bulala

Northwest Leadership Foundation
Program Assistant, Act Six
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Joe Martinez

Tacoma, WA
Through Northwest Leadership Foundation's Mentor 253 program, I serve as a mentor for high-risk students at First Creek Middle School.
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Jonathan Jackson

Tacoma, WA
Recruitment and training of young leaders/scholars through ActSix Program
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Joseph Tobiason

Young Adult Volunteers PC(USA)
Community organizing in Peru with "holding hands" network, promoting social justice, economic sustainability, and environmental stewardship.
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Joshua Tuggle

Hope Enterprises
Education and community development through humanitatian NGO
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Judy Naegeli

Mennonite Central Committee
Hanoi, Vietnam
Manuscript editor for publishing house
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Justin Zoradi

These Numbers Have Faces
Cape Town, South Africa and Portland, OR
Director of college scholarship organization
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Kara King

Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos
Orphanage director
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Kari Smith

Peace Corps
Secondary education science teacher
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Karly Feria

Seattle, WA
Comprehensive college preparation for urban high schoolers
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Katie Collins

Jesuit Volunteer Corps
Yakima, WA
Program support intern and mentorship coordinator for children
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Kayla Edin

Seattle/Redmond, WA
Middle school educator
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Kendall Paine

Inter City Teaching Corps
Chicago, IL
Teacher in an inner-city parochial school
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Kendria Dickson

Tacoma, WA
Educational and holistic advocacy for high needs middle schoolers
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Kiara Daniels

Northwest Leadership Foundation
Tacoma, WA
Communications Specialist with Urban Leaders in Training Program
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Krysten Bailey

Northwest Leadership Foundation
Krysten plans on serving a second term of AmeriCorps service through Northwest Leadership Foundation's Urban Leaders in Training team before pursuing her master's in social work. Krysten hopes to explore Early Childhood Education next year, working with young children at the Tacoma Rescue Mission.
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Lauren Amundson

ELCA Young Adults in Global Mission
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